(AustinTalks) A new online site aimed at providing hard-hitting news and covering the issues most important to the community has launched in Austin.

The Westside Source, which is black-owned and operated, will be a platform for news and information not only for the community but also for other community publications already providing content, said Terry Dean, co-founder of the publication and former editor of Austin Weekly News.

“We have a lot of stuff going on in the community . . . but there’s a lot of stuff that can’t get covered, and I think that’s where that community outcry comes from,” Dean said.

That’s why he and co-founder and editor Frank Latin, executive director of The Westside Writing Project, came together to develop the online site that will be written by people from within the community.

“We will have a team of journalists put together high-quality information that we feel can be useful (for) everyday residents,” Latin said.

For more on the Westside Source, read the full article at austintalks.org.