Keisha Jackson

“We as black people need to stand as one because any other race in this world stand together.  They don’t fight against each other. You can’t get the Mexican or the whites to go against each other.  That’s what the whites want us to do, fight against each other. If we continued to fight against each other we can’t get the drugs or violence out of our community. If we stick together, we can take over this world.”  

Jeannine Terrell

“First, we need to recognize that safety is of the upmost importance for all of us. Secondly, we need a strict law or training of police that must happen.  When you shoot a person in the back, you need training on how to stop a person without killing him. To shoot a man or woman in their back is the ultimately form of murder.”

Rentha Blandin

“We should demand that the officers be evaluated at least every year or every two years because you never know what might have happened in a situation where they might be disturbed or upset about something and taking it out on just anybody. The killings are senseless.  They could fire warning shots; you don’t have to shoot to kill.  They could shoot somebody in the leg or ankle.” 

Monique Goodman

“The community needs to get more involved.  As parents, young adults, politicians, and even the police.  We don’t have any trust in the police.  I think the police need more training and to be more involved in the community.  Instead of just pulling us aside all the time, they should be officer friendly and helping out in the community, so there will be more trust between the community and the police.”

Dexter Guthria

“I am a person that believes in self intervention.  I think if we all focus on ourselves and our community and stop looking at the situation that happens and focus more on what’s going on in our house, we can make a difference.  It starts with us.”

Anquette Washington

“I think they should demand something more of themselves instead before demanding something from someone else.  If you don’t respect yourself enough not to do this type of thing, or do that, then how can you expect someone else to respect you or stand up for you? If you feel you are being mistreated, then you need to stand up as one and say you’re tired, them maybe you can stand up as a group.”