Sy Bounds

Elee Dade

“No we can’t trust Emanuel, and he has not changed.  We just have to deal with it. It will be hard to get him to do the will of the people.  We need to get more Black people elected to the City Council.”


Ernest Wiley

” No, Emanuel hasn’t changed.  There is no reason for him to change.  He won the election, and the people will let him continue to do his business as usual.”


Michael Stinson

 “No we can’t trust Rahm Emanuel because he is a great man, and great men are not just.  They have to be made to be just. Those who voted against him should continue to organize as if their lives depend upon it because it does.  They have to continue to bring their agenda forward and present their concerns with validity in order to get what they want.”


Jason Ferguson

 “I don’t think Rahm has changed, nor do I think he can be trusted; in fact, I think the Hispanic community is going to take a hit.  They are going to loose some services, etc.  Those who voted against him have to keep doing what they are doing, and that’s organizing, building coalitions, and disturbing the peace.”


Sy Bounds

“No way Rahm can be trusted.  The day after the election, a group of white panelists on Channel 11 laughingly said, Rahm hadn’t changed.  Those who voted against him have to organize and support all kind of initiatives. No one will respect Chicago until Chicagoans start supporting themselves.  When they closed the schools, they should have started training students in the churches.”