On February 18, 2015 Governor Rauner proposed a reduction of $3.7 million towards SMHRF facilities.  As of now, there is $0 budget for SMHRFs for the 2016 Fiscal Year. There are around 3,970 people in the state of Illinois that have severe mental disabilities. They are being treated and rehabilitated with proper structure, medications and therapy provided by facilities like ours; so they have a chance of integrating back into society.  Realistically, many of those with severe issues will be unable to transition into society successfully.  Gov. Rauner wants to put these people on the streets. If these people are released from these facilities before they are ready, it will cost the taxpayers even more money.  An example from our facility in 2008:  It cost the taxpayer $639/week per consumer. If that same consumer were on their own and hospitalized for treatment the average cost was $5,700* per stay in 2008 (average stay of 5-7 days) and it can be a revolving door. 

That was an additional $5061 (892%) increase to you, the taxpayer.  With continued funding, situations like the video (Mental patient Jason Harrison shot by Dallas police) can be reduced by having their loved ones properly cared for by trained professionals in a SMHRF.  
Treating mental illness is a specialized field and few are successfully treated in the home environment.  Many end up on the streets, in hospitals or in jail.  With each mental health crisis they experience setbacks in which many skills are lost and must be regained.  This can lead to jeopardizing their lives or the lives of others.  SMHRFs are structured environments where medication monitoring, nutritious meals, activities and medical care are provided with an emphasis on counseling/skills building.  This is the best alternative we have in the state of Illinois.  
Consumers who have shown readiness to live independently have been helped, supported and transitioned by the staff of these SMHRFs.  Rehabilitation efforts are ongoing to support the consumers at being self-sufficient and lead to being integrated into society.
I know many of you have already received an email asking for the support in completing a “Letter Of Support” but I am sending it again.  We are in need of all the support we can get.  We are facing major budget cuts in our Mental Health facilities.  We need all our business partners, friends, families, community members, etc.  to join in and support
Please complete your letter and turn it in via email, fax, or drop it off at our facility. 

Tiffany Moye, Program Coordinator
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Chicago, IL. 60644
Ph. 773.626.2300
Fax 773.626.7647
SMHRFs need your help!  It is imperative for concerned citizens to let their voice be heard in support of taking care of our mentally ill, in a proven specialized environment.  So please sign our petition in support of continued funding for SMHRFs.