Aaron Dade

Jose Penaflor

” As a former chef, I would start a catering business because cooking has always been my passion. I would cater for parties, weddings, everything from the smallest party to about three or four hundred people”

Jasmine Jones

“I would start a not for profit organization for teen moms and single mothers to help them with everything, parenting, housing, jobs, counseling, –everything.” 

Dr. Valerie Jackson

Right now, I am a mental health professional, and at times, that can be so demanding. If I quit my job, I would open a boutique that specializes in unique fashion, jewelry, hats, and make-up.  I would offer specialize spa services and personal makeovers for people of all sizes and personalities.  I love glamour.”

Charles Neal

“Music is my passion and my hobby right now.  If I started my own business, it would be writing and producing music for the everyday upcoming artist.  I would handle artist management and promotions too. It would be great helping young people break into the music business.”

Paris Dorsey

“I would open a design house and create fashion for every woman for every occasion. I would mix fabrics like cotton and leather to create unique and functional looks for women whether they’re going grocery shopping or out for the evening.  My fashions would reflect the person’s personality and unique tastes.

Aaron Dade 

“Every since I was young, I have wanted to own a fancy restaurant.  Not that I like cooking, I like greeting and meeting people. I’d work the front of the house and leave the cooking to my staff.”

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