Fathers Who Care and the West Garfield Park Youth Council will host their Weekly Television Show on Thursday, April 30, 2015 from 7pm-8pm on CAN-TV (Cable Channel 21).

Show Topic:  Arts Against Violence featuring Move Me Soul

This will be a special hour long show will be hosted by Rev. Walter Jones, Jr., Servant for Social Change and Community Empowerment, and founder of the West Garfield Park Community Stakeholders.

Special Guests will be four young dancers involved in Move Me Soul: Mary Thomas, Bryonna Young, Vonzell Bird and Jonerrick Miller. Move Me Soul is a youth dance company that fuses technique, performance, positivity and creativity where teens move beyond their limits on and off stage. Move Me Soul is supported by Pyramid Players Productions, a local nonprofit thatempowers young people to discover hope and build self-worth through inspiring performance based arts and student athlete development initiatives in Chicago’s most challenged communities. It redeems neighborhood jewels by developing and refining the talents of urban youth to create dynamic performers and athletes prepared for real-world success. Pyramid Players Productions (P2P), meets its mission by providing highly skilled, engaging opportunities.

Tune in to the Live Streaming show and/or Call In to show your support!

Dial in phone:  312-738-1060 

Live web streaming:  www.cantv.org/hotline

Bios of the Special Guests:

Mary Thomas a senior who has participated in MMS since her freshman year says “dance or die!” Mary became interested in dance in 6th grade.  She puts her spirit and soul into her dance.  Her favorite memory in dance was having two solos in her sophomore year.  She loves being able to work with other dances and learn from different choreographers.  She loves the strength and personality dance gives her.  Mary’s goal in dance is to become a professional dancer and choreographer, she feels she can do this by working on her technique.  She wants to own her own studio and teach children.


Bryonna Young started dancing with MMS as an 8th grader, she is now a freshman at Westinghouse College Prep.  Her favorite memory in dance was her first performance this past summer. She was encouraged by her instructors when they told her she was improving, it built her confidence and now she feels she is doing much better.  She enjoys that her sister also participates.  She wants to become a professional dancer and dance with Alvin Ailey. Her goal is to graduate from college.  She says that cant’s is not a word and that motivates her.


Vonzell Byrd is a freshman at Harold Washington College and has been dancing since he was a child.  He even believes he was moon walking in his mother’s womb. His favorite dance memory was performing in New York. He feels his style is making everything love smooth and loves taking choreography and making it is own. His only goal in dance is to just dance.  Vonzell’s quote on dance “you can dance if you wanna, you can leave your friends behind, cause all my friends dance and if they don’t dance then they’re no friends of mine.


Jonerrick Miller is a freshman at Kennedy King College and is studying culinary arts.  He joined MMS as a freshman in high school and ever since then has gotten better and really began to enjoy dance. He has many favorite memories in dance but being able to choreograph “Made to Love” is one of his best.  Dance allows him to be in a whole different world and be able to execute every movement.  Hip hop is his favorite dance medium and his goal is to become a choreographer.  His goal is to graduate from college and be a successful chef.  Jonerrick feels dance is a stress reliever and a way to feel better about yourself.


Topics We Will Discuss:

  • Working to Promote a Safe and Drug Free Community
  • How to Communicate with Young People
  • Mentoring Our Future Leaders
  • Bridging the Generational Gaps
  • Young People Speak on the Conditions in their Communities

The West Garfield Park Community Stakeholders is a collection of residents, businesses government representatives, churches and other local concerned citizens whose mission is to bridge the inter-generational gaps in order to promote a safe and drug-free community. They work together with other local organizations, like Fathers Who Care and Austin Weekly News, to improve the quality of life on the West Side of Chicago.

For more information on this event and on the West Garfield Park Community Stakeholders, contact Reverend Jones at 773-287-5821 or walter@fatherswhocare.us or martha.gooden@fatherswhocare.org.

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