Karry Jackson

Roy Wilson

” They were supposed to be indicted.  It’s not necessary to be doing all that cruelty, especially only on blacks.  Law and order is supposed to be for right and to treat people right.  Police are supposed to serve and protect, not to kill.” 

Tiffany Askew

“I definitely think that it’s a step in the right direction given that this has been going on in the black community where a lot of white cops have not been indicted for the brutally they’ve caused against African-American men in particular, so I definitely hope that the charges stick.  I hope this takes this nation in the right direction in saying that it’s not okay to abuse or to just physically attack black people because they feel like they have the authority because they’re a white cop.”

Donald Ellis

“I think it’s a lot of bull.   I think it was wrong what they (the police) did.  I think they all should be convicted. They should be nailed to the cross.”

Thomas Vincint

“I think it is what it is, sometimes life takes a different turn.  Nobody is perfect, but everybody should be held accountable for what they do.   I am hoping for a conviction.” 

Sean King

“Why would you (the police) shoot somebody who hasn’t done anything wrong?  You (the police) have to realize that’s a person. You (the police) have to think about you are grown, and they have trained you to do what you do. When you’re a policeman, you know what you are doing is wrong before you do it.  I know there is an order of police, just like the Masons, but the cops should have known better. They should have said something was wrong with this guy (Freddie Gray) and let him go.”

Karry Jackson

“I think it’s beautiful; I think it’s great.  They should be indicted. They sat up there and beat that man (Gray).  They made three stops and they didn’t give him any medical attention, and he died in the van.  I hope they fry them good.”