On Monday, May 11, 2015 from 6:00pm – 7:00pm, the West Garfield Park Community Stakeholders held their monthly Community Empowerment Forum at the Allison United Foundation for Better Living, 4540 West Washington Boulevard in Chicago. Local residents, businesses and government representatives attended the meeting to discuss a variety of topics:
  • How Can Youth Empower Youth?
  • How Can We Promote a Safe and Drug Free Community?
  • Why Should We Create Collaborations Among Other Community Partners?
  • What Are Young People Saying, About The Conditions of their Communities
  • What is Civil Engagement?

It has been proposed by the Executive Board and ratified by the community that the West Garfield Park Community Stakeholders will adopt the following in our action plans to Reduce Underage Drinking, Substance Abuse and Senseless Violence in our Community.

Notably, we have collectively agreed and accepted the following in our coalition building efforts;
1.  Our Universal Theme is to:  Save Our Children
2.  Our Goals are to:

Establish and strengthen collaboration among communities and stakeholders to support the efforts of a community coalition working together to prevent and reduce substance and senseless violence among youth, by addressing the factors in our community that increase the risk of substance abuse and violence by promoting factors that minimize the risk of substance abuse and senseless violence.

Our Community Empowerment and Unification meetings are scheduled for the 2nd Monday of each month, at 6:00 pm. SHARP at 4540 West Washington, Blvd. in Chicago.   
We have proposed to plan and conduct a Community Stop Underage Drinking, Substance Abuse and Senseless Violence Campaign on June 20, 2015 at 12:00 noon
Location:  Madison Food Wine and Liquor (Spirits & Wine)
               3900 West Madison in the Mini Mall (Madison & Springfield)
Who:  West Side Community Stakeholders and Partners
Why: Pursuant to the City of Chicago Liquor Code, Chapter 4-60-101, regarding The Deleterious Impact/Public Nuisance Ordinance:  The ordinance applies when the following is occurring:
1.  An adverse effect on the value of any property
2.  An increased risk of violations of law
3.  A substantial increase in noise, litter or vehicular congestion
4.  A deleterious impact is presumed to exist whenever a substantial number of arrests have occurred within 500-feet of the premises or a substantial number of violations of any law associated with the premises or its patrons within the previous two years.
The area also has been cited with the following:
a)  Complaints on Multiple Store Owner per (Chicago Police Dept)
b)  Loitering, Sale of Loose Cigarettes, DVD’s and Drinking Alcohol in Vehicles
c)  Unclean Parking Lot with Liter…
d)  Possible Drug Activity
3.  How can you help ?  Each One – Teach One = Join The Movement
Your immediate attention and support in this matter would be greatly appreciated in our efforts to Reduce Underage Drinking, Substance Abuse and Senseless Violence in our Community. 
For additional information, internships and volunteer opportunities, please feel free to contact Fathers Who Care at 773-287-5821 or email us atmartha.gooden@fatherswhocare.org 
SAVE THE DATE: Annual Anti-Violence & Substance Abuse Prevention Day event will be October 5, 2015

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