Kiara Black

Ashley Cage

“The craziest thing is today is the three-year anniversary of the day my grandmother died. She is the most inspirational person ever. I am the woman I am because of her.  My smile is so big and so is my baby’s because of her. She had an awesome smile, an awesome personality, and I got that from her. I will forever love her and forever think about her.  He name was Ethel Lee Cage.” 

Kenneth Felton

“My daughter, Michelle Johnson.  I will never forget Michelle because she was very small, and I was very young when she was born, and her mother never let me know that she was by daughter.  We finally ran into each other one day, and she told me she was my daughter, and I was just overwhelmed.  Now she’s back out of my life, and I don’t know where she is.  I’ll never forget here.”

Derrick Jones

“My daughters. I will never forget them.  I have two, Kizzie Shavon Jones and Sakira Crystal Jones. I will never forget them because they are always there for me. I love them.”

Felisha Slater

“Jesus Christ, my Lord and savior because he has brought me from a mighty long way.  I was out on the streets for 27 years, and God has saved me. I had a stroke, I started having seizures, my appendix burst, and I had surgery on my spine, so couldn’t nobody do that but God, and I still walking around to tell the story as if nothing ever happened.   I thank God each and every day, and I’ll never forget him.”

Leo Swan

“Well, Jesus has touched my life, and why?  I used to be a gang member.  I used to be a dope pusher and a menace to society, but since I found Jesus, my life has changed tremendously. I found him though reading the bible and praying. One day, I fell on my knees and said Lord, please save me, and he did. I back slid once, but I came back, and I been straight ever since.” 

Kiara Black

“My grandfather, Carlton Pruitt, because he spoiled me all my life.  I remember how he used to take me to church every Sunday and buy me anything and everything I wanted. I remember all the fun times I had with him. He’s been gone four years now, and I really miss him.”