Lowell "Raceman" Thompson

Join the discussion on Saturday, June 27, 2015, from 2pm – 4pm at The Barack Obama Presidential Library, located at Hyde Park Free Theater, 1448 E. 57th Street, Chicago.

Lowell “Raceman” Thompson knows about the images and stereotypes used by the 1% to foster racism and hatred. He has given all of us tools in words and pictures to mentally break through these images which have been sold to us for 400 years. His many books, including African Americans in ChicagoRaceMan Answers: America’s Toughest Questions On Race, Inequality & More, and his pocket book Race Man Answers have helped people make points and keep their cool in discussions. 

Lowell has been watching and writing about Barack Obama since he became the dark horse in the 2008 presidential race. His painting, “Dreams Can Come True”, heralded the FBP (First Black President). Like most African Americans, he was optimistic. Less than 16 months before the end of the FBP’s final term, he created a blog, “Mr. Obama, Tear Down This White Wall” that questions Obama’s racial legacy. His slogan became: “Obama: from Hope to..Nope?” Now, hear him speak on how he really feels about Obama’s reaction to the recent events that transpired in Charleston. 

You can learn more about Thompson and his mission here:  http://aalbc.com/authors/lowell_thompson.html