Jasper Ragsdell

loretta a. ragsdell ASKS:

What are you thoughts about Spike Lee making a movie about the violence on Chicago’s Southside and calling it “Chiraq”?

Around Town

 Kareen Burson

I think he should make it in Chicago and I hope it’s something positive.

 Herrsterstine Burns

I think it’s a good thing that he’s coming into the community and trying to help the South Side, but I’m from the West Side and our gun violence is getting bad, too.  We need some help, too. Maybe it will help us.

Donta Hodges

I feel he should make the movie because of the simple fact there is a lot of stuff going on, a lot of killing and it will change people’s thoughts on everything. It will have other teenagers looking at things differently. I feel like I should be in the movie.  I can play a role in the movie, because I know the streets — he doesn’t.  If he wants to make the movie, he should come to me and get some advice.”

Sy Bounds

I believe Spike Lee is incredibly talented. He’s an icon. I do believe he’s on point on this Chiraq thing. I think Chicago needs to take a look at itself.  It’s safer in Iraq and other war zones than it is in Chicago.  Nobody wants to tell the truth on that.  I like what Spike is doing.

Jasper Ragsdell

Spike Lee has made a lot of movies that had black people in negative situations with white people on top like “Devil in Blue Dress,” “Do the Right Thing,” and “She’s Gotta have it.”  Can’t he make a movie that’s about doing good? Until I see the movie, I don’t have an opinion. If it’s dealing with the South Side in a positive way, it might be good.”