Corey Walkins

Malcolm Cooper

“Keep it.  I don’t ride, but I want a motorcycle because I have always wanted a motorcycle.  I’d give my friends a ride.”


Giovanni Scott

“I would sell it because I need the money.  I tried to ride a motorcycle and I didn’t like it, so I’d sell it and get that money.”


Anthony Manning

“I would probably sell it because I’ve never ridden a motorcycle.  I believe it’s kind of dangerous.  I’d sell it and get something for the kids, so they will have something to enjoy.”


Lorenzo Watkins

“I would keep it.  I have never ridden a motorcycle, but I would learn how.”


Julius Conner

“I would sell it.  I have never ridden a motorcycle and I don’t want to.  Football players and motorcycles don’t mix.  I’d sell it because I could use the money.”


Corey Walkins

“I would sell it because I don’t drive.  I never learned how to drive.  I didn’t take drivers education in high school.”

One reply on “If you won or was given a motorcycle that was top of the line, fully loaded, and had all the gear (helmet, gloves, boots, the whole thing), what would you do with it? Would you keep it, sell it or give it away?”