Vincent Morton

“I would really love to go to Africa, no particular part, so long as it semi civilized.  I’d like to go to see know where I really come from, to see how they live, and what I was really separated from. I’d really like to go to Africa.

Paris Doss

I’d go to Holland and Asia.  There are a lot of places I want to visit because of the intrigue.  I read things about those countries which intrigue me and I would like to experience the culture.

Tony Dreads

“I would like to go to Ghana.  I would like to visit what they refer to as the door of no return. My ancestors came through that door as slaves and never returned to their homeland in Africa.  That’s where I would like to go.”

Yvette Cook Aikja

“To Belisha Nigeria because that’s where my husband lives. I’d want to go because it’s a life experience.  I’ve been before and my husband is there now.  We’re from Ohio and Louisiana, but I want to go back there.”