Sistas of the Hood is seeking your help in providing scholarships to recipients of the HerStory Untold Scholarship Fund.

The HerStory Untold Scholarship Fund was created to empower young women who are entering the field of journalism. Sistas of the Hood was inspired to create the scholarship fund by witnessing the diligent work of Mozella Galloway, who co-founded the National Black HerStory Task Force and assisted in the creation of Sistas of the Hood with Linda Barker.

Sistas of the Hood was founded in 1998 out of the need to help families of incarcerated individuals. The organization provides a holistic approach and has grown to assist victims of domestic violence, youth, seniors and other individuals who are under served in the community by offering services that allows individuals to hone important life skills.

Please help support this effort by donating to the HerStory Untold Scholarship Fund gofundme campaign: Sistas of the Hood gofundme