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City Cooling Centers
Beat the Heat!
Keep Your Cool During Extreme Hot Weather
Oppressive summer heat is more than uncomfortable. High temperatures and humidity can pose a health and safety threat.
The City of Chicago has many services available to help residents cope safely with extreme weather conditions.
Call 311 To:
  • Locate a Cooling Center near you. 
  • Request a well-being check for someone who may be suffering from the heat.
  • Register for the City’s Extreme Weather Notification System.
Hot Weather Tips:
  • Drink lots of water and natural juices; avoid alcoholic beverages, coffee and sodas.
  • Avoid going outside in extreme heat.
  • If you don’t have air conditioning, keep shades drawn and blinds closed, but windows slightly open.
  • Keep electric lights off or turned down.
  • Minimize use of your oven and stove.
  • Wear loose, light, cotton clothing.
  • Take cool baths and showers.
  • Don’t leave anyone (including pets) in a parked car, even for a few minutes.
Check on relatives, neighbors and friends. If you are unable to make contact, call 3-1-1 and request a well-being check.
DFSS Cooling Centers
9 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday through Friday
Hours and days of service could be extended under extreme conditions. Other City facilities might be designated as Cooling Centers during off days or hours. DFSS Cooling Centers are not open on weekday holidays unless specifically indicated. For the most current Cooling Center information at any time, call 3-1-1.
Englewood Center
1140 W. 79th Street
Chicago, IL 60621
Garfield Center
10 S. Kedzie Ave.
Chicago, IL 60612
King Center
4314 S. Cottage Grove
Chicago, IL 60653
North Area Center
845 W. Wilson Ave.
Chicago, IL 60640

South Chicago Center
8650 S. Commercial Ave.
Chicago, IL 60617
Trina Davila Center
4357 W. Armitage Ave.
Chicago, IL 60639