Akiba Grace Zakai is a Chicago native. As an author and speaker in the community, she uses her life’s experience to help and to serve others. Her search outside of herself for fulfillment led her down a road of destruction. “I was still empty, and I was still thirsty.” Some obstacles seemed insurmountable, but her success hinged on the ability to keep on hoping and striving. It was not until her search turned inward did she find out her own true strength.

“I do not regret my past; it is an integral part of who I am today. I have overcome and made peace with my past. The tough times built my character and gave birth to a renewed desire for life. I no longer look outside of myself for a SHERO. I weathered this storm. I am grateful to GOD for my journey.”

Today, Akiba’s desire to tear down the ‘walls of silence’ in regard to child sexual-abuse is a battle within itself. She is, and has been undaunted in her resolve to better the lives of other victims and to express the need for men and women to get the help that is so desperately needed.

A book signing event will take place for her book, You Stole my Childhood, but not my Soul. The book tells her story of being sexually abused as a child and how she overcame her past. Light food and refreshments will be provided.

When: Sunday, August 2

Where: Monsen’s Tally-Ho Pub

1951 W. Howard St., Chicago, IL 60626

Time: 4:00pm – 7:30pm

For more information about Akiba Grace Zakai, she can be contacted at: 

P.O. Box 1601

Chicago, Illinois 60690-1601