State Rep. Camille Lilly (78th) is looking to honor local businesses with the creation of the “Good Neighbor” business awards.

“Our community is a diverse collection of individuals offering unique strengths and skill sets,” noted Lilly in a statement. “This award gives me the honor to congratulate the local entrepreneurs who help make our area a great place to live, work and raise a family.”

Lilly wants constituents to “write a brief nomination, explaining how a particular business adds to the character of a community and acts in a manner that benefits local residents.”

Constituents should include the names, addresses and phone numbers of the businesses they are recommending for the award; in addition to their own names, addresses and phone numbers.

“With this quarterly award, Lilly is hoping to recognize businesses that go above and beyond to serve their customers and the community as a whole,” according to the statement.

“I’m very excited to see what nominations come in and learn more about some of the great ways businesses are helping to shape communities for the better,” Lilly said. “Whether it was through donations, charitable events, or aid offered, so many local small businesses are doing wonderful work and deserve to be recognized.”

 Award nominations are due by Tue. September 1. Lilly will acknowledge the winners by introducing a resolution in the House of Representatives. Nominations should be sent to For more information, call (773) 473-7300.