Destiny Smith

“I would like to sing and dance with Beyoncé.  She is the best of all.  I would bring fun to the group.

Kamaria Melton

I would be Beyoncé because she is a good singer and she is very creative to me.  I would bring my singing to the group.  I can’t dance, but I can learn.”

Kiona Dell

I would work with Beyoncé because she is my favorite artist. I have loved her ever since I was like nine.  I know all the songs and the moves.  I’d bring my originality and creativity to the groups and things of that nature.”

Will Rickets

The Isley Brothers. I would be Ronald Isley.  I would bring my voice and my sound to the group.  I’d like them because I just think they make the best soulful and slow cuts ever. 


“Beyoncé because she can do anything. I would love to be on stage with her.  I can dance and I would bring a different style to the group.”

Michael Fowler

It would be Chris Brown because to me he is the best singer. I won’t do any moves.  I would just sing.