Lucille Brown

Michael Sanders

“No it has not heightened my fear at all.  I have been  through my own ordeal with the police and they don’t frighten me at all.  Sometimes it’s about your approach and sometimes you just bump into negative people, and we have that everywhere. Black people, white people, race color or creed, the police force, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes its just negative people.” 

Kenneth McGhee

“Yes, I am concerned because I think it’s real bogus the way they are stopping us and going for their guns, and the person don’t have no gun, and the person ends up dead.  I think it’s real senseless killing.” 

Julius Jackson

” I think it’s really crazy.  These police are getting too reckless out here, definitely since with my job, I have to deal with the police.  I am becoming real cautious.  I still say black lives matter, but they don’t think so.” 

Lucille Brown

“As a mother of two sons, I am very concerned and frightened. The police seem to be running wild and doing whatever they want to black men, and now black women too. Something needs to be done before there is an all out war or citizen up rise.