David Jones

Jamal Dantzler

” Yes, I do think he is running to win, but he does win, I think he’ll do a terrible job because he is so focused on himself.”


C.J. Robinson

“I think Donald is in it to spoil it for the good republicans. Due to the fact that Donald Trump was born with money, and he is just using this elections as a tactic to get richer.”


Jamarr Robinson

“I think he’s just in it to spoil it and publicize all the stupid stuff he has really been putting out there.  He’s just trying to cover it up. He’s going to really mess it up for the other Republicans because everybody is a fan of the Republicans party because they don’t really do anything. I think he’s going to stay in it until the last final four, then he’s going to cut back.”


Jeannette Sutton

” I think he’s in it to spoil it because I don’t think he’s a really good candidate, and with everything that he has been talking about and doing, basting everybody, and saying silly stuff, I just thin he’s in it to spoil it and make it easier for Hillary.”


David Jones

I think Donald Trump is in it to win it and that he won’t drop out because he thinks too highly of himself.”