Aaron Dade

 Congressman Danny K. Davis

“Life, that’s it because life gives you the opportunity to be engaged in anything else in the world that you want to be engaged in.  Life is the central ingredient.  Everything else flows from it.

Jackie Greer

“I am most grateful that I still have my grandmother who is living; she is 93 years old and, my mother is still here too. She is 72 years old.  I thank the Lord that they are still here in my life and helping me to become a great woman.” 

Marshae Stubblefield

“Friends, family, and fellowship because without my friends, I would not be able to walk the streets and do the things that I do.  The fellowship inspires me for my ministry, and for my family’s, the love and support.” 

B.L. Davis

“I am grateful for being able to wake up everyday and breathe.  That starts it off and makes everything better.”

Aaron Dade

 ” I am grateful for second chances and the people who believe in me. I am starting over again, and having people who support and believe in you is important.