Cherita Logan

“Based upon this environment and what I am seeing in reference to the Republicans, it would be against my own existence and that my mama and my dad taught me.  It would be against the advancement of African-American poor people and those who are immigrants in this country.  Therefore, I could not in good conscience, in my sound solid mind, see myself voting for any of those Republican if they were the only ones on the ballot. I’d write in a qualified candidate that’s going to push for lives of all people to be better and not just a few. 


Jecquita Logan

I would pick Bush because I know a little bit about his family and I would still vote for him because I already know what I’d be getting with no surprises.”


Mary Swopes

” Would take Trump, I wouldn’t take Cruz, and I would take Bush because we don’t need any more Bushes in the White House.  What happened to my Hillary?  I would go independent because they (the Republican Presidential candidates) are all idiots and we don’t need an idiot in the White House, so I’d have to go independent.”


Mattie Barber

“I would really not vote for any of them because I am not a Republican.  I have never been a Republican voter and I don’t want to have anything to do with them.  I would have to sit this one out.”