Theme:  “A People United Can Never Be Defeated”
Date:  Saturday, September 05, 2015
Time:  5:00 pm
Who:  Community Leaders, Stakeholders and concerned citizens
Why:  Bridging the Gaps Between Law Enforcement and the Community, to Reduce Underage Drinking, Substance Abuse and Senseless Violence.  Deleterious/Public Nuisance Ordinance, pursuant to the City of Chicago Liquor Code, Chapter 4-60-101 against 3900 West Madison and Springfield (Mini Mall),   
Invited and Supported Guests:  Congressman Danny K. Davis, Senator A. Lightford, Senator Don Harmon, Senator Patricia Van Pelt, Rep. Pamela Reaves-Harris, Representative LaShawn Ford, Representative Camille Lilly, Commissioner Robert Steele, Commissioner Richard Boykin, Alderman Jason Ervin, Commander Barbara West and Commander Dwayne Betts
Open To The Community.