Earlier this month, Austin Weekly News regrettably put out an email blast that included the Oct. 5 article, “West Side lawmaker announces his reelection bid.” 

Some readers who clicked that article before it was corrected may have seen my name and headshot in the attribution section underneath the photo, which most likely would have led them to conclude I was the article’s author. 

I wasn’t. The author was AustinTalks reporter T.J. Kremer III and the mixup was due to an oversight on my part as I hasitly input the piece into our content management system, a step necessary before it goes live on our website. 

It’s a regrettable (albeit technical) mistake. When I found out about this, with petrified shock, I rushed to change that mistake immediately. The article that is now live is the corrected version. It was also resent in an Oct. 13 email blast.

Fortunately, Kremer’s byline, and photo attribution, accompanies the earlier, printed version of this article, which benefitted from much closer scrutiny.