Lakecia Middleton

“No I did not. I just noticed that time was not adding up for me. I did check my batteries. I check them all the time.  I am going to use my extra hour to sleep.”

Vernon Hill

“No, I didn’t.  I missed it by over-sleeping and not paying attention.  I am going to spend my extra hour of daylight playing basketball.”

Deavion Moore

 “Yes, I did. I remembered to change my smoke alarm batteries, too.   I am going to use my extra hour of daylight studying and working on doing my school work at school.”

Richard Linton

“Yes, I did.  I remembered, because I heard it on the news that we need to set our clocks back. I am going to use my extra hour studying my Bible so that I will be more informed as to what the will of God is for my life.”

Brandon Hassell

“No, I did not because I was out last night and when I got up this morning, I went straight to church — I was an hour early. I am going to use my extra hour resting, because I work nights.”

Zina Marie Crawford

“Yes, I remembered because they were saying it on the news.  I don’t have a TV, but I have a radio, which is how I heard it. I have my own business called Zina Unique Products and I would like to have more light, so I can get more customers.”