Lee Redmond

” She is a great lady and leader.  She doe not get tired.  She keeps on fighting.” 

Jim Baker

“I just personally heard about the great things she does for the community, and I just wanted to spend some time with her, so that’s why I came out.  I’m a resident of South Austin, I live down the street, so I just wanted to come and see.” 

Dr. Laverta Hunt

“I have known her for about 20-years.  She is a living legend, loyal, and very inspirational.  Some people watch things happen, but Lillian Drummond makes things happen.   She is very energetic, you never see her down.  She is a beautiful lady.  There is so much I can say about her.”

Mary Etta Fox

“I follow her everywhere she tells me to go.  I have known her for eight years. I really admire her. Loving and religious are the two words I would use to capture who she is.”

Jessie Madlock

“I come to here for arts and crafts class every Monday, and she comes out and watches over us to make sure we are doing it right. She is a Phenomenal Woman, and you know how that goes, and the bible says a virtuous woman, she is all that and more.”

Anita Hayes

“I’ve known her all of my life. Three words to describe Ms. Drummond: Get Things Done! She is on it. That’s how she works. She has been about community all of my life, and ever since I have known her, it has been about how she can help her people.  That’s all she talks about.”

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