Ms. Stevie

“I am most thankful for my health.  I had a lot of health challenges this year, and I am still on the mend.  My children will be here and we are just going to thank and praise God for health and being together. I am not going shopping on Black Friday, my children might.”

Patricia White

“I am thankful for being alive to be here to raise my grandson to see my boys get grown and be able to take care of themselves.  I have four grandsons, one is deceased.  I have three girls and the oldest one is in college.”

Briana Williams

” This Thanksgiving I am just thankful for my family and just being alive.”

Victoria Williams

“I am most thankful for just life and my health. I am thank for being with my family, my friends, and just knowing I am going to see everybody I love and care about at that time.”

Lerone Bradley

“I am thankful for my family, my mommy and daddy.   My sister.  I have a dog. I went to the circus.”

Zay Rob

” I am thankful everyday for all my blessings.  This year I am just excited to be with daughter, nieces, and family.  No, I am not going shopping on Black Friday.  That’s too much chaos for me.  I usually shop online.”