Shantianna Canada

I am going to have a sleep over with six of my friends, and we are going to do teenager things.  We are going to have pizza, pop corn and slushies.

Venue Inglan

“I am going to stay at home with my family, eat, and have fun with my mama.  I will pray for all people to get off the streets, have fun, put guns down, and be safe.”

Caprisha Norfleet

“I am going to chill with my family and get ready to go to work and school.  I have to work the next day, so I will just eat and enjoy my family.”

Donta Givens

“I am going to stop being mean to my sister.  I am going to celebrate by playing video games with my cousins.”

Harmonie Givens

“I going to play with my cousin and talk to my cousins.  My resolution is to stop being so meddlesome and nicer to my brother.

Keanna Ford

“I am just going to stay home and enjoy my family and be thankful for a great year and the new one that’s coming.