Let’s collectively thank Congressman Danny K. Davis and Cherita, Representative Pamela Reaves-Harris, Marla for Senator Kimberly Lightford, Maria for Alderman Jason Ervin, Tesa of Loretto, Tameka/St. Anthony, Sarah of West Suburban, Jenna of Rush, Chuck of Garfield Park, Jackie of Hartgrove, Karen of Mt. Sinai Hospitals, along with Tamela of Access, Latrice and Staci of Molina Health Care Centers, Dr. Saafir and Milton of Bobby E. Wright, Bob of Mead Communications, Athena of Performing Community Solutions, Thomas Day, Cherry of the Chicago Park District, Tony Raggs, Mildred Wiley and the West Garfield Park Community Stakeholders and Youth Council for participating in our Health Sector Community Forum on the Creation of a Community First Responders Crisis Intervention Team. Community Advisory Council in Local Facilities and the Promise of all Health Care Institutions will work together for the common good of the people and community in access to affordable health care and services. Thank you, Team Quality Health Care!

Per our Executive and Listening Committee Meetings, you are encouraged to join us on January 18, 2016 at 4:00PM for our Stop Underage Drinking Campaign with the 11th District Chicago Police Department.

What: Police and Community United Roll Call and Smoke Out

Where: 4200 West Madison at Keeler

Why: Bridging the Gap between Law Enforcement and the Community

When: January 18, 2016 (MLK/Service Day)

We are, because others were and because others were, we are our brothers and sisters keepers. We don’t have one more mother and/or child to lose.

When spider webs unite, we can conquer a lion.

Teamwork can make the dream work.

Thanking you in advance for your ongoing prayers, leadership and commitment to empowering the least of us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 773-287-5821 or walteramirjones@gmail.com.