Darlene Pope

“It would take more of my people to come together. It would take more of us to pull together and do things together to take these drugs off the street, get rid of these negative police, and do more for our seniors.”

Michael Higgs

“It would take me to be more patience.  When I am at work, I would not get upset so much.  I would be more patient and understanding.”

Walter Gamble

“It would be change and peace.  I would just go around being nice to people and making friends.”


“For one, it would take patience with my own people because everybody travels at a fast speed.  Everybody needs to slow down in life and learn to look at the outside in.  That would make America a better place.”

William Powell

“It would take a lot of tolerance and patience because this is a whole different era now.  Violence is all around us, and I think after all the older generation is gone, that’s going to be a mess.  That’s why each one must teach one.”  

Antoine Gomire

“What I would do is try to educate the people in the world because we need intelligence. Because without intelligence, we wouldn’t have the things that we have now.  Because God gave us intelligence. We need growth because without growth we want have peace and love, and that’s what Dr. King wanted.”