Lavonte Rodgers

“This great.  It has a lot more space, new classrooms, new everything.”

Deja Dinwiddie

“I think it’s very beautiful, I really like it.  I like all the windows that’s around, and the bathrooms are really nice.  I started in the old building, and I didn’t come over the break to view the new building, so I didn’t even know it was ready.  I’m majoring in nursing.”

Khadijah Williams

“I love it.  This is my first semester in the new building and my third year at MXC.  I am a communication major.  I came here to get my general education credits.” 

Jamari Williams

“I think it’s nice and cluttered.  There are a lot of lines and people, but the layout is nice.  It is better than the old building.  I plan to major in business management.” 

Megan Greenberg

“I like it a lot.  This is my first year, so it’s kind of confusing, but I’ll get the hang of it.

I am majoring in nursing.  I came here because friends gave it a good review. They said it would definitely help me with my nursing career at UIC, so I thought I’d give it a try.”

Terrance Hooks

“I think it’s great.  It looks really modern and up to date, much better than the other building.  I am majoring in mortuary science.”

Victoria Rodriquez

“This is my first year, second semester.  It’s amazing.  I was in the old building last semester and when I came back, I started towards the old building,  and I saw people walking in here, and I said, ‘Oh, they opened it.’ It’s amazing.”

Desiree Fountain

“This is my second semester and my first semester in the new building.  I am really excited about being here!”