Antoine Sharp

“Fantasia because I love her voice and I love her style.  I love just the way she carries herself.”

Jordan Stewart

“Wow, its so hard; there are a lot of people. Megan Goode, she’s nice.  I like Tara Banks, and Sevyn Streeter, a singer.”

Jalen Terrell

“Nicki Minaj Because she is  really cute and a great singer, and I like older women.”

Antoinette Littleton

“I’d would like to be romantically involved with Tyrese Gibson because he always reminds me of my dad, and my dad was a really great person”. 

Alyana Nelson

“August Alsino, a singer, because I just like him, and it would be great to be linked with him.”

Malyk Singleton

“I’d like to be Kendrick Lamar, a rapper, but I liked to have Beyoncé’ as my girl.”