On behalf of our board of directors and executive members of the West Garfield Park Community Stakeholders, we would like to officially thank Interim Superintendent, Mr. John J. Escalante of the Chicago Police Department for attending our Monthly Executive Meeting and for allowing our executive members to share their concerns and ideas about bridging the gaps in creating a level of trust between law enforcement and our community.
This was spirit filled and enlightening meeting. We were able to build on our community empowerment and organizing efforts, that we have been so actively involved in on the West Side of Chicago. 
As a coalition working to promote a safe and drug free community, we are really a group of concerned and committed individuals collectively demanding that our children and our communities are saved.
As we again, Thank Our Interim Superintendent John J. Escalante for his Commitment to the Public Safety of People of Chicago, let’s also thank; Congressman Danny K. Davis/Cherita, Senator Don Harmon/Eileen, Senator Kimberly Lightford/Marla, Senator Patricia Van Pelt/Chana, Representative Pamela Reaves-Harris/Lauren, Representative Camille Lilly/Janice, Alderman Jason Ervin and Maria, Alderman Chris Taliaferro and Qianna, Atty. General Lisa Madigan/Kimberly, Candidate for Judge Jennifer Ballard, Deputy Chief Eric Washington, Deputy Chief James Jones, Commander Dwayne Betts, Sgt. Powell, Sgt. Allen, Officer Henry, Ms. Joanna Terrell, Sis. Collette Carter, Mrs. Trina Hill, Ms. Deborah Williams, Mr. Bob Mead, Dr. Rashed Saafir, Mr. Chuck Levy, Mrs. Angela Taylor, Mr. Theron Hawk, Mr. Jackie Glass, Mr. Al Orsello, Mr. Jerry Stender, Mr. Tracy Johnson, Ms. Raylette Pickett, Sgt. Eileen Lacy, Rev. Andre Hinton, Pastor David Whittley, Mr. Lafayette Ford, Mr. William Camayo, Mr. Michael Romain, Dr. Amara Enyia, Ms. Sherelle Withers, West Garfield Park Youth Council Leaders, Ms. Vernisha Jones, Ms. Kianna Spearman, and for those who did not sign in. Thank you for your prayers, input and commitment to promoting a safe and drug free community.
When spider webs unite, we can tie up a lion.
Teamwork can make the dream work when people are united to engage, enlighten and empower the least of us.

For additional information, please feel free to contact us at 773-287-5821 or email us at walteramirjones@gmail.com