Dawn Stephenson "No, I did not. I don't care about the Oscars, and I don't care about Chris Rock. I don't go to movies, I like live blues and clubbing."

Karin Ketter

“No, I didn’t watch the Oscars. I never do.  They never nominate people or movies I care about, so I have never watched it.  I like horror movies and dramas. If I did watch the Oscars, I would not have watched this time.  I would have joined the boycott because I am with Jada, Will Smith or somebody black, should have at least been nominated.”

Antoine Sharp

“I watched the Oscars, but only for the Red Carpet fashions and pre show.  I did hear a little bit of Chris Rock’s comments.  They were funny, but I think he should have been more direct about blacks not being nominated.  I am sure he was trying to keep it nice, so he would be invited back next year.”

Antonio Mangault

“I tuned in just for Chris’ jokes.  Some were funny, but I think as he went on they got tired.  I liked the one about if the Oscars were nominating a host, he wouldn’t have a job.”

Ernie Wiley

“I didn’t watch, but I heard some bits and pieces on the news, and I saw a few excerpts on the Internet.  I think he did a good job, but he went a little over board, especially with the young Chinese children posing as the auditing firm that tabulate the Oscar votes. I really couldn’t follow the joke.  It seemed racist.”

Luis Romo

“I watched the Oscars.  I never miss it. I didn’t really like Chris Rock as a host.  I felt like he was trying too hard and the jokes were not funny.  Even the audience’s laughter was nervous.  Most of the jokes seem to go over their heads, or they were afraid to laugh too much because of all of the cameras.” 

Dawn Stephenson  

“No, I did not.  I don’t care about the Oscars, and I don’t care about Chris Rock.  I don’t go to movies, I like live blues and clubbing.”