A small herd of goats roam the grounds of the urban farm Root-Riot Harambee at 500 N. Waller in Austin. On April 17, goat owners from around the city will gather at the farm from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. The goats keep the vacant land from becoming overgrown with weeds and are also sources of milk, cheese and ice cream, according to a Harambee statement. 

“Over the last several years and increasing number of Chicago residents have been raising goats.  Chicago has more than 10,000 acres of vacant land and goats are an environmentally friendly to keep vacant lots from becoming overgrown with weeds.  In addition to being great landscapers, goats are prized for their milk.  During the milking season goats can produce several gallons of milk a day that can be used to create, cheeses and even ice cream.”