Join us on Monday, April 11, 2016 at 6:00 pm, to discuss the issues of the day, i.e., the State of the City of Chicago, 7th Congressional District, 4th, 5th, 10th Legislative Districts, 11th, 15th Chicago Police Districts, 1st and 2nd Cook County District. We’ll also discuss the pressing need to address the stigma of  mental health related issues, affordable care access in association with underage drinking, substance abuse, and senseless violence.

As noted in our previous meetings, Congressman Danny K. Davis, and Senator Kimberly Lightford continues to endorse our charge and need for immediate attention and intervention in the following items:

Thought of the Day: What can we do to engage, enlighten and empower our community and young people?

1.  Identify Underage Drinking and Deleterious Impact/Public Nuisance Site 

2.  Respond to Senseless Violence

3.  Finalize a Crisis Intervention/Team for Support

4. Addressing the Stigma of Mental Health/Illness

5.  Access to Affordable Health Care

     a) Hospital Cultural Competence

     b) Hospital Cultural Sensitivity 

     c) Hospital Cultural Diversity

     d) Hospital Cultural Accountability

     e) Hospital Cultural Policies and Procedurals for Hiring

     f) Hospital Cultural Quality of Care

     g) Hospital Cultural Management and Leadership

     f) Hospital Cultural Community Advisory Board,  and Needs Assessment

6.  Updates from our Executive Meeting

7.  How to Reduce Black on Black Violence

8.  Organizing for our CPD Roll Call and smoke of May 27, 2016

10. Invite Your Young People to This Very Important Meeting

11.  Community Health and Resource Forum at Loretto Hospital, scheduled for April 23, 2016.


Why:  Civil Engagement, Community Justice, Accountability, Affordable Health Care and Transparency

Special guest speakers will be in attendance.

Let’s collectively thank Congressman Danny K. Davis and Cherita, Marla for Senator Kimberly Lightford, Senator Patricia Van-Pelt and Chanan, Senator Don Harmon and Eileen, Representatives Pamela Reaves-Harris and Lauren, Representative Camille Lilly, Kimberly of Atty. General Lisa Madigan, Sgt. Eileen Lynch, Layfayette Ford, Maria for Alderman Jason Ervin, Alderman Chris Taliaferro and Quiana, Tesa, Angela., Janice of Loretto Hospital, Tameka of St. Anthony Hospital, Sarah of West Suburban Hospital, Jenna’ of Rush Hospital, Chuck of Garfield Park Hospital, Jackie of Hartgrove Hospital, Karen of Mt. Sinai Hospital, along with Tamela of Access, Latrice & Staci of Molina Health Care Centers, Dr. Saafir & Milton of Bobby E. Wright, Sister Collette Carter of the Order of Eastern Stars, Dr. Amara Enyia of the Chamber of Commerce, Trina Hill, Al Orsello of Prevention Partnership, Chicago Police Department 11th and 15th Districts Superintendent Escalante, Deputy Chief Eric Washington, Deputy Chief Barbara West, Deputy Chief James Jones, Commander Dwayne Betts, Sgt., Roger Powell and Daniel Allen,  Officer Tony Henry, Dan Dawn Kristen and the Austin Weekly News, Bob Mead Communication, Athena of Performing Community Solutions,  Cherry of the Chicago Park District, Tony Raggs, Mildred Wiley and Garfield Park Community Council with Mike, Angela and Hawk, Provision Consulting with Debra, Uncle Remus, Subway,  Personal Liquors and the West Garfield Park Community Stakeholders and Youth Council for participating is our Health and Public Safety Sector Community Forum on the Creation of a Community First Responder’s Crisis Intervention Team, Community Advisory Council in Local Hospital Facilities and the Promise of all Health Care Institutions and Law Enforcement Departments working together for the common good of the People in Promoting A Safe and Drug Free  Community.

Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated at Fathers Who Care and the West Side Community Stakeholders Planning and Public Policy Committee Meetings.

Thanking you in advance for your ongoing assistance and support.

Please contact us at 773-287-5821 or to register for this Community Empowerment Forum.

Refreshments will be served.

“Team Work – Can Make The Dream Work”