Breanna Duda

‘It was very shocking and sad. I went on Facebook (everything is on social media now) and ABC News said Prince is dead. I feel like all we have now is Stevie Wonder and that’s not cool. My favorite song is ‘When Doves Cry.'”

Kiera Wells

“I liked all his songs. He’s kind of similar to Michael Jackson. With Michael dead, I wonder who the King of Pop is now. I like all of Prince’s music.”

Charles Coffie

“When I watched TV and I saw that Prince died, I cried; especially when they were showing him performing with different groups. It was sad. I miss Michael Jackson, too. I miss all of them.”

Mike Jackson

“‘Adore’ is my favorite song. I thought it was strange how he just up and died from the flu. I am going to miss him a lot. Prince and Michael Jackson left here too early.”

Rodney Mason

“Well, from what I do know, he is an original artist. He wasn’t really going off what everybody probably would have told him in that time. I admire individuality in an original person and in an original style — whether it be artistically or just based on looks. I like ‘When Doves Cry.’ I know his songs, because my dad used to listen to them.”

Vashon Howery

“When I first heard Prince, I was in college. My favorite songs were ‘Adore’ and ‘Sign o’ the Times.’ We’ve lost another good artist. There are some positives and negatives with it, but I am really saddened by his death.”  

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