Dawn Sheets

“Neither one.  I don’t like pets.  I don’t want anything in my house that can’t take care of itself.  I don’t want to feed them, walk them, or anything like that.  I’m the only one who gets special treatment in my house.”

Valerie Jackson

“Actually I love dogs, but most times I have dogs and cats in my house.  Cats are easier to take care of because they don’t have to go out and, you don’t have to walk them.  Dogs are more affectionate.  They greet you when you come home and you might not see the cat for days.

Ernest Wiley 

“I like dogs and cats, but I am allergic to pet hair, especially long haired dogs.  I have lived with or been around a dog and my eyes swell up. I can’t stop sneezing if I come in contact with their hair.”

Amanda Bobo

“Dogs make the best pets.  I have two dogs.  I grew up with dogs.  I don’t really trust cats because they can jump and sneak up on you.  Dogs are also more fun because they get excited when you come home.”

Beverly Stewart

“I think dogs makes the best pets.  I have two and they are my best friends.  When I leave the house, they lay by the door and wait for me to come back.  Sometimes, I have to push the door hard to get in because they have fallen asleep in front of the door and didn’t hear me coming.  They are kind of old.”

BC Jones

“I like dogs.  I like to walk them and play catch.  I like big dogs because when you walk them people cross the street because they are scared he might bite them.”