Ernest Wiley

“No, I think Bernie Sanders should keep going to the last race; that way he can go to the convention as a power broker and get some of the things he wants on Hillary’s platform. He can say, ‘If you want my people to support you, then this is what I want.'”

Jordan Stewart

“I think the Republicans should just stop. They are all a bad reflection on America.”

La Donna Henry

“I think they should keep going, especially in the Republican race. If they get to the convention and there is a fight for the nomination, Trump could be dumped.”

Daniel J.

“Bernie is a good man, but he can’t win. I think he should stay in, because he has come this far, so why not go to the convention? He will have a bigger audience at the convention and he can be heard by more people.”

Kamron Williams

“If the Republicans drop out, all of the fun would stop. I don’t think they will, because they are all desperate to become president. It would be good to just hear from Hillary and Trump, because then maybe the people will see Hillary is our only real choice.” 


“I wish it were over already. The Republicans are embarrassing this countr, and everyone knows Hillary is the clear choice. She is the best candidate and she has a lot of experience.”