I would like to know how well publicized was this initial meeting of Ald. Chris Taliaferro’s (29th) participatory budgeting process in March, because I’m extremely active in Austin and the alderman is aware of that, but I knew nothing about this meeting.

It seems that some of these projects are not even for Austin. For example, we are in dire need of speed bumps throughout Austin. Austin Town Hall cultural center could use a facelift and the gym floor has buckled due to rain.

Austin Town Hall can have anywhere from 20 to 35 boys easily on any week night I’ve seen it with my own eyes. These kids play on a buckled gym floor and the locker rooms have been closed for three years due to the horrible conditions. Don’t our children deserve a welcoming safe haven in their own community?

Also, there could’ve have been a street team of youth created for the summer to do community cleanup as a summer jobs program. It’s time to start thinking outside of the box; not for us, but for the children and the future of our community. I have a million other ideas that could’ve been shared had the rest of the residents known about this committee.

Iesha Oliver-Hollins