Use your LINK card to make eligible purchases at the market and receive a $1 coupon for each dollar spent that day, up to a maximum of $20 in coupons per cardholder per day. Coupons can be used at participating vendors anytime during the market season.

When: 7am to 1pm starting May 21st every Saturday through October

Where: 460 Lake Street/ Pilgrim Church parking lot, one block west of Ridgeland

How It Works

  • Select the items you would like to purchase and tell the vendor you will be using your LINK card (Credit cards have same requirements)

  • The vendor will hold onto your items and will give you a slip showing how much you owe.

  • Bring that slip to the yellow Farmers’ Market Info Tent, where staff will charge your LINK card for the amount indicated. (Note: Feel free to bring multiple slips from various vendors and get them all taken care of at the same time.)

  • Once your LINK card is charged, you will receive your coupons. Use these coupons* to make additional purchases on the same day, or save them for use any Saturday that season.

  • Take your receipt back to vendor(s) and to pick up the goods you purchased.

*Vendors cannot provide change for purchases made with coupons. You are responsible for selecting items in the amount equal to your coupons.

For more information contact 708.358.5780 or or visit or