To:  Greetings Friends and Community Stakeholders

 What:  West Side Community Empowerment Forum 

 When:  June 13, 2016 at 6:00 pm 

 Where:  United for Better Living

4540 West Washington, Blvd.  

 Updates from Alderman Jason Ervin and Deputy Chief James Jones on progress and/or recommendations from 3900 West Madison and Springfield, Madison & Keeler and other Deleterious Impact/Public Nuisance areas.  

 1.  Kostner and Wilcox

2.  Washington and Kenton

3.  Kildare (between Madison and Washington)

 How to Develop a Theory of Change, Logic Model and Strategic and Action Plans, via addressing Substance Abuse and Senseless Violence on the West Side of Chicago


 Next Underage Drinking Campaign due to Shoulder Tapping Investigation and Public Nuisance Ordinance, pursuant to the City of Chicago Liquor Code, Chapter 4-60-101…

 Bridging the Gaps between Law Enforcement and the Community – Planning for Our Upcoming Roll Calls and Smoke Outs with  the 11th and 15th Districts

 1.  Transparency 

2.  Accountability

3.  Cultural Competence


Status on our Parent Cafe’s  

 The State of The 7th Congressional District, 5th Senatorial District, 10th Legislative District, 1st and 2nd County Districts and the 28th, 29th 37th Wards.  

 1.  Transparency

2.  Funding Opportunities

3.  Accountability

4.  Upcoming Events


100 Blocks and 100 Churches Community Outreach Updates

 1.  Community Sites

2.  Team Work

3.  Accountability


 Please note, this is a  Light Pot-Luck meeting, your participation and support in this endeavor, would be greatly appreciated…

  For additional information and/or to confirm your attendance. please contact us at 773-287-5821 or at


 Team Work – Can Make The Dream Work !!!