Sylvester Winfield

“I think he was a great man.  I followed him in his early career. He was the best at what he did. His death is a tremendous loss; I know that.”

Paul Jefferson

“He was a role model.  He set an example of somebody who believed in his beliefs.  Whether anybody disagreed with him, he I stood by his own beliefs. When his religion didn’t believe in fighting in the war, he stood his grounds and refused to fight.  He’s a role model.”

David Cross

“I don’t know much about him, but that he could float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.  He was a great fighter.  The only fight I knew about was George Foreman.” 

William Jones

“I didn’t follow much about Mohammad Ali. I really wasn’t into boxing that much, but I know he had a historic career. I know he was impossible to beat. He had a humble spirit and beautiful personality.  I didn’t watch many of his fights, but I just know in the ring he was a beast.”  

William Stephenson

“He was a great fighter; He was a great activist.  He was a man that stood on principle.  He was somebody to be proud of.  They took him out of boxing when he refused to fight in the war, but he made a great comeback.  He was a great fighter, but his political beliefs were more important to me.”

Tarmarkis Turner

“I saw some of his fights growing up.  He was a mentor and a role model.  He fought for a lot of good things like his right not to join the army.  He had a great career. He was an excellent boxer, a fighter.  He was a great role model and somebody to be proud of.”