Clinton vs. Trump. Trump vs. Clinton. Forget the “Rumble in the Jungle” and the “Thrilla in Manila.” We have the “Election in November” as the biggest political fight in all of recorded history. And unless we have the biggest upset in convention history, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald John Trump will be the nominees.

When that happens, we will all begin to participate in one of the greatest chapters in American history: Which of the two will become the president who succeeds Barack Hussein Obama in office?

I was never one to dismiss the candidacy of Trump. When he first announced his plans to run for office, a Facebook post asked us to use two words to describe him. As opposed to some of the profane names used by others, I simply wrote “Mr. President.” While others heard and saw his candidacy as a joke, an oddity, and several other descriptive words for him, I saw someone whose message resonated. From border security to jobs here at home, we haven’t had a candidate who has been so forceful in connecting with the pedestrian American voting population in a very long time.

I was one of the people who lost my job in the Information Technology arena so that it could be done by people in India. At some point in the past, as a society, we have gone from making a reasonable profit to outlandish profit. Whereas there were industries perfectly content to make a penny profit on a dollar, the calls now are to have something cost a penny then charge a dollar. The problem is that making the item for a penny often means doing it outside of the United States while expecting the U.S. consumer to purchase it.

As for Hillary, her candidacy was a “given” from the moment she began. She speaks in predictable platitudes and doesn’t offer anything new to excite the average voter. While I admire her commanding voice and authoritative presence, her candidacy today is unlike eight years ago where she was the rallying cry for the female voting public. There is a sameness to her that appears to never offer anything unique. She also has a credibility issue with many people not believing her. Add in her husband’s past, and she does not coming off smelling like a rose.

I have to admit that I am looking forward to the debates those two will have. Thankfully, they will be televised and will probably be the most watched debates in the entire history of this country. I expect mudslinging, but even more so, I want to hear if either of them really have concrete ideas on where this country should be/is headed. There are many issues that this country should address and those issues demand consideration of Americans yet to be born.

Immigration remains a hot-topic issue. The slowly-rebounding economy is another. Health care and its affordability remains a major concern. Employment, education, taxes, police brutality, crumbling infrastructure, NASA, reparations, gun control and on and on are all subjects the next president should address.

So I suggest that everyone keep a huge stockpile of microwave popcorn on hand. You can eat it as you sit back and watch “Election in November.” It should be quite a show.

The ‘Election in November’

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