Roger Carter

“My plan is just to be with family. I’d like to declare independence from the street violence that we are having here in Chicago. That’s what I am praying for and we all should be praying that God just comes down and touch Chicago, bringing us peace in these streets.” 

Ronnie Evans

“I would like to be independent from the mismanagement of government.” 

Lakesha Boyd

“I just want all the violence to stop. Just stop all the killing. That would be great for Independence Day. I don’t know what I am going to do yet for the holiday. I’ll probably just be with family and friends.”

Teeaira Harper

“I’m taking my godchildren downtown to Nay Pier to see the fireworks.”

Ceree Jones

“I really don’t have any big plans. I probably will be working. I hope we have no violence that day. It would be just fantastic not to hear news that someone else got shot or killed. It would be great to just have a peaceful holiday.”

Willie Daniel

“I am going to celebrate at home in my backyard with family and hope everyone stays safe.”