“I don’t think so.  I don’t really care to hear more about Donald Trump and the Republicans. I will probably just catch highlights on the news or the evening political shows I watch.”

Mr. Richardson

“I will watch some of the Republican Convention just to know what they are talking about. If we end up with any one of them Republicans, America will be in trouble.  What’s that Hillary said?  “We’ll be trumped up!”

Ms. Pat

“No, I am not going to watch them Republicans.  I am going to just sit back and wait for the Democratic Convention.  I have better things to do than to listen to more of Donald Trump and his cones. He is full of hate speech and division.”

Jason Ferguson

“Not t all.  My candidate was Bernie Sanders, and now he is with Hillary, so I am pretty much done until time to vote.”

Mildred Brown

I will watch some of it.  If it gets too much, I will turn from it.  I like to hear what they are saying just in case we end up with Trump.  In some polls, he and Hillary are pretty much tied, so at this point, you just can’t be sure.”

Jaylen R.

“I definitely will not watch the Republican National Convention.  I will watch the Democratic Convention.”