Paris Doss

“Oh yeah.  I have got to see my girl Hillary clinch the nomination.  I am looking forward to Bill’s presence at the convention, too.  I know he will be there supporting her.”

Khadijah Williams

“I work nights, so I know I want get to see much of it.  I do plan to watch Hillary’s acceptance speech if I can stay up that late.”

Isaiah Robison

 “No, I am not going to watch the Democratic Convention for one reason —  I have to work, I don’t care for Hillary Clinton. But, I will vote for her, because this country can’t survive a Trump presidency.  Too bad Bernie isn’t in the candidate.” 

Laverne Garrett

“I might watch it some nights off and on. I do plan to watch Hillary’s acceptance speech.  It should be pretty exciting, but I will probably just catch excerpts on the radio or television news.”

Daniel J

“I don’t have the stomach or patience to watch politics on television.  I have already made up my mind, so I will just wait until its time to vote for the right woman.”

Betty Thomas

“Hillary is my girl, so you know I am going to watch.   In fact, I am inviting friends in to watch her acceptance speech.  We have worked long and hard for her, and I can’t wait to celebrate her victory in November.’