Robert Johnson

“Yes, I watched parts of both conventions and my mind is unchanged.I am voting for Hillary, because there is no other choice. I can’t support Trump, because it’s too much egotism with him. Someone needs to teach him a lesson. I was never in Trump’s camp.”

Dr. Jackson

I think the Democrats’ convention was fantastic. After what they put on, I don’t see how anyone can vote for Trump. I am with Hillary all the way.”

Ms. Lexis

“I really didn’t watch the conventions. I watched parts of Obama’s and Hillary’s speeches online. I am excited about electing the country’s first woman president, so I have to say my mind is settled. I’m voting for Hillary.”

Traci Ward

“I made my mind up a long time ago. I’m voting for Jesus, because this world needs him.”

Charles Neal

“The Democrats were convincing, so I think I will vote for Hillary. But I’m still a little distrusting of her. She has just about changed her whole platform and that’s a lot of radical changes for such a short time.”

Ms. Pat

“I made up my mind long ago. I watched both conventions and laughed a lot at the Republicans. I am supporting Hillary.”