Margaret Leach

“I always watch the Olympics, especially the opening ceremony.  I like seeing the teams march in.  My favorite event is women’s track and field.”

Look Carpenter

“I am going to watch some of it. I like the beach volleyball team and swimming. I used to be a swimmer in high school.”

Coach Ferguson

 “I coach a team of young track-and-field athletes called the Golympians. They are being trained to compete in the Olympics someday. So, yes I am going to watch it. I will probably get together with some of my track stars and watch the men’s competition with them.”


“I am going to watch some of it. I particularly like the US gymnastic’s team.  I watched the trials and they were fabulous.”

Jasper R.

 “I usually watch some of the Olympics. I am not sure how much I will watch this year. If I do watch, I will probably try to catch the basketball team and maybe the high jumpers.”


“I don’t think I will watch on purpose. I am more of a musician than an athlete. I will probably watch if I am scanning the TV and something catches my interest.”