Dr. Valerie Jackson

“The two reasons I am supporting Hillary is because she worked side-by-side with Obama and her husband used to be president, so getting her would be like getting two presidents.

Charles Neal

“I am supporting Hillary because she is a strong woman and I admire her history of public service and caring for under privileged children.” 

Wanda Douglas

“Two reasons why I am supporting Hillary are because she is fair and understanding.”

Ernest Wiley

“I am supporting Hillary because it is time for us to have a woman president and she has a great deal of experience having been the first lady and Secretary of State. Plus, we will get Bill back too.” 

Aaron Dade

“Two reasons why I am voting for Hillary is because she is the best candidate, and she deserves a chance to be the first woman president to see if a woman is capable of running the country as well as a man.”

Ms. Pat

“I am supporting Hillary mainly because she is a woman, and I think she will really work to help all people, unlike Trump who is just about hate and helping the rich.”